Vulnerable Languages and Linguistic Varieties in Serbia

Paun Es Durlić: “Vorbar: a Phraseological Vlach-Serbian Dictionary of the Traditional Culture of the Vlachs of Eastern Serbia”

At the beginning of October 2023, “Vorbar: a Phraseological Vlach-Serbian Dictionary of the Traditional Culture of the Vlachs of Eastern Serbia” by Paun Es Durlić was published. The book results from the author’s many years of work, his undimmed enthusiasm and thorough knowledge of several disciplines – archaeology, linguistics, anthropology and ethnology. Although an ethnologist […]

Lecture “The Romani Language in the Linguistic Landscape of Serbia”

On Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, Svetlana Ćirković gave the lecture “The Romani Language in the Linguistic Landscape of Serbia” at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Among other sources, Svetlana’s study also relied on the data collected in 2022 and 2023 during the field research for the VLingS project. The lecture was […]

Research in the Ruthenian community

Research in the Ruthenian community within the VLingS project was in full swing during June, July and August 2023. The journalist of the “Рутенпрес” portal presented our project to the wider community and thereby encouraged future interviewees to take part in the research. Thank you!

New book on the Vlachs of Eastern Serbia

Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković, principal investigator of the VLingS project, and Monica Huțanu, foreign lecturer at the Philology Faculty of the University in Belgrade, authored the monograph “The Vlachs of Eastern Serbia: Language and Society”. The book was published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and represents the first in-depth sociolinguistic analysis of the Vlach community living […]

European Day of Languages (September 26)

The European Day of Languages, established by the Council of Europe in 2001, is observed on September 26th. This important day serves to promote language learning throughout Europe, both within and beyond formal educational settings, while also celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity. Research conducted by members of the VLingS project has revealed that, in Serbia, […]

2022 population census

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has released the final results of the 2022 Census of population, household and dwellings. According to the results, 327 people declared Aromanian ethnicity in Serbia, which is more than in 2011, when the Census registered only 243 Aromanians. We hope this positive development will bring about an […]

The first workshop for community consultants

On Friday, March 24th, 2023, the first workshop for community consultants of the VLingS project took place, at the Institute for Balkan Studies. Mirjana Mirić and Svetlana Ćirković introduced the future collaborators to the idea behind the project and field work methodology in vulnerable linguistic communities. We are looking forward to working together with these […]

Lecture about field research in Ivanovo

On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, the members of the VLingS project team visited Ivanovo. There they delivered a lecture about field research in the minority language communities of Serbia which are encompassed by the VLingS project, with special reference to the Banat Bulgarian community in Ivanovo. We would like to thank the wonderful audience that […]

The International Mother Language Day in Ivanovo

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2023, the International Mother Language Day was celebrated at the Cultural Center “Žarko Zrenjanin” in Ivanovo. This event gathered numerous members of several cultural and artistic associations of the minorities in Vojvodina: “Bonaz Šandor” and “Stanko Paunović” from Pančevo, “Češka beseda” from Krušica, “Romaška” – the Association of Russians from Pančevo, […]